CGI Traffic360 is a business process outsourcing service that offers both automated and manual processing for all types of transport-related data. It combines our in-depth services, intellectual property-based solutions and transport industry expertise to help organizations increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We support a variety of applications including weight-in-motion, speed detection, traffic enforcement, traffic counting, cargo container monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, and many others. 

Robust reference data and customizable services to fit your needs

This service offers data collection via CGI’s independent roadside infrastructure, providing clients with an impartial set of reference data. CGI Traffic360’s flexibility and agility can adapt processes and systems to fit your transportation needs.

Our expertise comes from the large volume of photo and video data we collect and process monthly—up to 4 million vehicle passes (1 million manually processed) and 4,000 to 7,000 hours of video captured monthly. CGI Traffic360 supports both data processing and data cleaning to help with fulfillment, billing, monitoring, auditing, and more.

Also, this service addresses challenges due to bad weather and other conditions that interfere with data collection. When automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology doesn’t deliver 100% accuracy, CGI Traffic360 provides unique manual processing for data collected through ANPR. Through this service, transport operators can obtain 100% recognition rates, as well as benefit from more reliable data and reduced risks. It’s also suitable for clients operating electronic ticketing services—for both frontend and backend services.

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Key benefits

  • High-volume manual processing: More than 70 million ANPR photos processed each year, along with over 80,000 hours of video compiled from traffic monitoring systems.
  • Robust and reliable automated processing: CGI works closely with leading technology providers to deliver robust and reliable automated processing capabilities.
  • Efficiency and cost savings: CGI Traffic360 helps transport operators dramatically improve efficiencies and reduce overall costs by integrating automated and manual processing while leveraging economies of scale.
  • Highly flexible: Can be integrated with existing road infrastructures or delivered via mobile gantries—allowing for flexible, ad hoc controls and measurements at any chosen point along the transport network.
  • Unique expertise: This service gives you access to our combined in-depth business processing services, applications and transport industry expertise.