A powerful, flexible and secure SCADA system

CGI’s MOSAIC is a powerful supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that satisfies a full range of requirements for supervisory real-time data acquisition and control. MOSAIC combines a relational database model with industry-leading history capabilities to provide a flexible, secure SCADA environment.

MOSAIC’s functionality includes the following:

  • Database Management System (DBMS)– The real-time DBMS at the heart of MOSAIC provides high levels of availability along with fast response times throughout the entire SCADA network. It has powerful query capabilities and is fully scalable and distributable.
  • Desktop –The Desktop is the graphic user interface to the underlying MOSAIC DBMS that provides users with full control of their MOSAIC system.
  • History –MOSAIC provides a market-leading history system encompassing both data (numerical data changes) and events for storage and retrieval of historical data.
  • Scalability–MOSAIC is highly scalable from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of points. Its unique infrastructure provides an incremental and inexpensive path for system expansion.
  • Telemetry– MOSAIC supports industry standard telemetry protocols and contains a “generic” telemetry driver that supports a number of text-based transfer protocols.
  • Redundancy– MOSAIC has virtually unlimited levels of redundancy, resulting in a high availability system that is cost-effective and scalable.

MOSAIC is designed for large distributed systems and can be fully integrated with other enterprise systems, including asset management, geographic information and historian systems to further leverage your investment.

Proven across the utilities and transport markets, MOSAIC manages some of the largest electricity and water networks in Australia.