CGI’s SIGMA is an award-winning, state-of-the-art system that gives railroad administrators the ability to see a geographic and schematic representation of a railroad track network.

SIGMA combines information about a railroad track’s design and dimensions and develops a generic data model that represents the track, as well as different objects around the track, such as signs or platforms. Track switches also are depicted.

The geographic and schematic representation generated by SIGMA can be used to develop an even more extensive graphic overview of the track using ArcGIS Schematics. In addition, SIGMA uses track data to develop multiple scenarios. Users can view scenarios for the entire track or a subset of the track. The system reconstructs the track’s surface and surroundings to sub-centimeter precision, including location, cant, slope, height, curvature, design-speed and other dimensions.

SIGMA benefits

  • One data model for track and surrounding objects

  • Highly interactive interface

  • Proven technology (COTS)

  • CAD/GIS integration through a feature manipulation engine

  • Multiple scenarios for design and analysis

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