CGI’s Charge-Point Interactive Management System (CiMS) provides full-scale EV charge point management capabilities delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in our private cloud.


The features of CiMS include the following:

  • Based on common standards, ensures ease of use and interoperability with different types and brands of charge points
  • Supports different front and back office systems and various payment methods
  • Easily adapted to accommodate evolving technologies such as mobile payments
  • In operation in different European countries
  • Provides clients, including energy retailers, travel companies and other EV stakeholders, access to new markets and consumer groups
  • Supplies grid owners with valuable data on grid load management so that they can anticipate the effects of EVs on their businesses and infrastructures
  • Supports the efforts of governments in developing policies to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution


Benefits of CiMS include the following:

  • Ease of use to drivers
  • User privacy (does not track and trace drivers during charging)
  • Splits infrastructure management and customer management
  • Complies with available international standards
  • Supports different types and brands of charge points
  • Enables remote infrastructure management
  • Supported by different customer and back office systems
  • Offers mobile services and applications
  • Provides interoperability and secure connections with other systems
  • Supports various payment methods

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