Driving better decisions across the enterprise

With Strata Enterprise—our patented decision management solution—organizations can make profitable and efficient decisions throughout the customer life cycle and across the enterprise. Organizations count on Strata to improve performance in every area of their businesses, including:

  • Collections and recoveries
  • Loan originations
  • Servicing and customer management
  • Marketing and customer acquisition
  • Retention and churn

Strata Enterprise advantages

  • More consistent decisions: Strata enables consistent application of business policy across all channels and business operations. Use of targeted recommendations minimizes human judgment inconsistencies.

  • Clearer results: Strata provides feedback on the effectiveness of business rules. A clear picture of the bottom line impact of policy changes improves decisions.

  • Improved flexibility: Business users have the flexibility to modify business rules without engaging additional IT resources.

Integration with other CGI credit solutions

Part of CGI's complete credit solutions application suite, Strata Enterprise powers CGI Gateway360, a cloud-based platform for vendor, data and identity management.

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Strata® Enterprise is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.