Data ecosystems today are complex, extending far beyond an organization’s firewall. CGI TrustedFabric enables secure and trusted data sharing across your data ecosystem, protecting IP and privacy and providing data visibility for better efficiency and early detection of issues.

A new approach to data integration and visibility

CGI TrustedFabric is a distributed-ledger network solution that encourages and establishes trust in data-sharing to benefit all organizations that are a part of the data ecosystem. Unlike other solutions, it isn’t a data warehouse or built on multiple vendor platforms, and there is no third-party data store or intermediary.

CGI TrustedFabric allows data to flow securely across internal and external entities without risk to the organization’s IP or data subjects. It is purpose-built to address the critical tenets required for effective and trusted data-sharing to drive interoperability across complex organizations.

Key benefits

  • You own the solution – Manage your data on your host without a central authority with our license model (including SaaS options).
  • Retain ownership and control of your data - Share data on a “need-to-know” basis.
  • Reduce technical investment – Unify your organizational data silos without making large investments in new systems or complicated data warehouses.
  • Low-code/no-code data management – Use clicks, not code, to establish organizational data and define access rules and governance.
  • Flexibility – Build/connect third-party applications and data services integrations without vendor lock-in restrictions.
  • Trust built-in - Facilitates trust and enables transparency by leveraging a common platform for all stakeholders.