Navigating our cars. Tracking our assets around the globe. Monitoring our exercise activities. Synchronizing time-critical systems. All of these are examples of how we benefit from global navigation satellite systems in everyday life. It is impossible to imagine a world without free, global, precise positioning and timing technologies.

Galileo Europe’s global navigation satellite system (GNSS), provides a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control. We have supported Galileo since 1999 and secured the project’s ground control and mission segments. We are the largest supplier of security systems for Galileo and co-designed and operate its test bench, which verifies and validates their security functions.

EGNOS is a satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) that improves the accuracy and reliability of GNSS positioning and timing information across Europe. For the second version of EGNOS, we helped build the test bed used for verification of safety-critical functions, with faster than real-time simulations. We also contributed to the design of the initial phases of EGNOS V3, including security and safety elements.

Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) is a CGI solution for validating the geographic position of both people and goods. Using secure signals from Galileo, S-TrackS delivers accurate Galileo-generated positioning that not only serves as proof of the positioning of people and goods, but also helps to prevent fraudulent positioning.

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