Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a key role in achieving manufacturing excellence and meeting growing customer demands. Choosing an MES that best suits your business needs is a complex process. In addition, the shift toward Industry 5.0 and digitally integrated and intelligent supply chains has made the task more challenging.

For the past two decades, the CGI MES Product Survey has tracked the most relevant manufacturing execution systems (MES) products and trends, serving as an invaluable guide for manufacturers to choose the perfect-fit MES solution. Today, our survey has become the premier market reference for MES products in the global manufacturing industry. In the 2022 edition, we have expanded our service offerings to keep pace with the growing needs of the MES community.

What to expect

The 2022 CGI MES Product Survey provides in-depth product overviews and insights into the latest global trends and developments in the MES market. It also details the key business and IT criteria to accelerate your MES product evaluation while maximizing the value of Industry 5.0.

This year’s survey places particular emphasis on the critical success factors for MES implementations to contribute to the digitalization of both operations and the supply chain. It also includes the extent to which products support standard and smart manufacturing functionalities. The survey covers a selection of 20 suppliers and their products delivered from around the world.

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