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Following the pandemic declaration and the subsequent economic impacts caused by the lockdowns, manufacturers faced a dramatic drop in demand. This is compelling executives to focus on measures that drive efficiency and reduce costs, while building resilience into their operating...

Annette Trenz
Annette Trenz

CGI Client Global Insights: Five ways manufacturers can balance efficiency and resilience to lead in a new digital era

November 23, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic is compelling manufacturers to decide between continuing to focus on short-term measures to drive efficiency and reduce costs, or building resilience to better adapt to change. The answer is not choosing between one or the other, but...

Digital transformation, also referred to as Industry 4.0, smart industry and smart manufacturing, has risen to the top of the C-level agenda. This transformation is driving innovation in new products and services, digitization of business processes and the creation of...

Three organizational capabilities industry leaders will need to help navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19

Working with ISKU for the past 17 years, CGI was among the bidders for the company’s new infrastructure services contract. CGI had been delivering a range of services to ISKU, including enterprise resource planning systems, infrastructure services, robotic process automation...

Marcel Mourits
Marcel Mourits

Five strategic actions manufacturers can take to rebound stronger from the crisis

July 20, 2020 Manufacturers are at a critical juncture. In the time immediately following the pandemic crisis, efforts concentrated on keeping workers safe and managing business continuity.

In 2020, we conducted in-person interviews with 175 manufacturing client executives in the commercial and industrial as well as natural resources sectors, who indicate a continued focus on becoming digital organizations to meet customer expectations.