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To implement ESG requirements and accrue the benefits of full supply chain visibility, manufacturers require mature knowledge of ESG regulation, supply chain expertise and digital capabilities to extract and combine the relevant data from internal and external systems and source

Marcel Mourits
Marcel Mourits

Is MES the "silver bullet" to becoming a truly data-driven manufacturing enterprise?

May 25, 2023 There are several pressing reasons manufacturers need to act now to become data-driven organizations. But perhaps at the most fundamental level — data helps manufacturers become better at what they do. An MES ensures manufacturers have the right information and...

CGI’s Fokke van Houten, Director, Consulting Expert in Asset Performance Management & Maintenance, discusses the intersection of people, technology and manufacturing and the future of the manufacturing workplace.

Helena discusses the need for radical new ecosystems and partnerships alongside the urgency to become data-driven across the entire value chain to navigate these challenges and strive for resiliency in uncertain times.

Helena Jochberger
Helena Jochberger

Why taking a people-first approach is critical to becoming a data-driven manufacturer

April 28, 2023 Achieving success as a data-driven organization requires not only the right technology and data infrastructure but also a culture that is ready and willing to use data to make informed decisions that drive business value.

Helena Jochberger, Vice-President and Global Industry Lead for Manufacturing shares how the Voice of Our Clients (VOC) program enables in-depth, personalized conversations with clients to understand the macro trends impacting their organizations and the industry challenges ahead.

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