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Navigating our cars. Tracking our assets around the globe. Monitoring our exercise activities. Synchronizing time-critical systems. All of these are examples of how we benefit from global navigation satellite systems in everyday life. It is impossible to imagine a world...

For lenders experiencing the stress and strain of digitization on legacy credit systems, CGI provides an innovative and flexible credit platform to future-proof your operations and keep pace with customer expectations.

CGI improves profitability and expands distribution networks through the orchestration of pre-configured integrations to insurance data sources and services.

CGI Precision Tap2Drive keeps drivers safe by using the power of their smartphones.

Enables enhanced decision-making through simulation and analysis, increasing pricing accuracy and speeding up the product innovation life cycle

CGI’s SaaS-based rating and product configuration solution is designed to modernize insurance pricing.

The 2022 CGI MES Product Survey provides in-depth product overviews and insights into the latest global trends and developments in the MES market. It also details the key business and IT criteria to accelerate your MES product evaluation while maximizing...

Our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) maturity model and assessment provides clients with a clear understanding of their current “digital” maturity. Comparing their digital maturity level against CGI’s MOM framework provides clear and tangible focus areas to realize their MOM vision.

CGI’s OpenMedia ReporterApp is a feature-rich application for Android and iOS that enables reporters in the field to stay connected to their OpenMedia-based newsrooms at all times, wherever they are in the world.