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250 million
fuel card transactions processed
by CGI systems per year
professionals working with our oil and gas clients in upstream and retail in 24 locations around the globe
UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements are tracked by our VantagePoB solution


In a challenging market, energy companies are looking at how best to adapt to the changing market with the shift away from fossil-based fuels to alternative energy impacting every part of their business. With ambitious Net Zero targets to meet both for themselves and their customers, business models need to be reviewed and rethought. To do this, the ability to adapt and look at the business from the customer, environmental and operational perspective is key.   

For customers, their changing demands means that insight can help provide a more personalised experience and innovative new services, whilst managing fuel and retail payments securely, safely and sustainably.  We partner with many of the global energy and oil and gas majors in Europe and North America, providing services across the value chain, including energy production, management, distribution and B2B/B2C retail.

  • Delivering complex industry solutions and services to energy organisations globally for over 30 years including supermajors in Europe and North America
  • Strong ecosystem partnerships including AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce to ensure the right solutions for your organisation 
  • 95% of UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements are tracked by our VantagePoB solution, including averages of over 140 flights (helicopter and fixed wing), 3,000 passenger bookings and 800 freight items each and every day
  • We deliver an end-to-end fuel payments system that enables Shell’s customers to manage their commercial fleets across the world.
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