Making 5G a reality requires a transformation in conceptualisation, planning, and implementation. The technology is now ready, with increasing new capabilities that allow more deployments at scale, and the creation of new ecosystems and different business models.

5G offers a real opportunity to do things differently, like enabling faster digital transformation, developing new approaches to connectivity solutions and changing a business culture.

As a 5G ecosystem integrator, we understand the importance of collaborative planning for the success of 5G. That is why, we will work closely with you to define the right transformation journey for you to realise the opportunities that 5G can bring to your business and customers.


We are trusted to deliver complex and mission critical systems and we can help you develop and implement a realistic and achievable digital strategy and roadmap that will bring real value to your business.

5g Ecosystem infographic

Satellite Communications is used to provide global connectivity but it can also play an important role alongside terrestrial networks in delivering broader access to 5G.

Satcoms simplifies the creation of seamless hybrid 5G networks, which allow the delivery of new applications to all industries.

As a leading provider of satellite ground segment software and systems integration, we can help to design large-scale hybrid networks using CGI CarnotSat.

We can help you to build proof-of-concept systems incorporating satellite or HAPS networks into terrestrial networks for improved coverage, dedicated applications or high-security resilient private networks.


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5g Ecosystem infographic

More and more enterprises are taking control of their digital transformation by creating their own fit-for-purpose, secure private 5G network

We can help you with an end-to-end approach that includes: digital advisory services and consulting aligning real business cases to your specific business outcomes to create an  achievable roadmap; integration of your 5G ecosystem by coordinating all of the key partnerships around it; and decades of expertise in OSS/BSS, cyber security and Business Process Engineering to bring everything together.


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At CGI, we have the expertise to bring together all key stakeholders to create a 5G ecosystem of experts, network operators, equipment vendors, policy makers, cloud providers and end-users.

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We are an active member of UK5G and in 2020 have collaborated to launch the ‘Connect to Innovate’ white paper on the opportunities that 5G-enabled technologies can bring to transform the UK water sector. Watch the recording of the launch webinar hosted by UK5G.

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CGI is a member of techUK and chair their 5G Ecosystem Working Group and Telecoms Resilience & Security Working Group for 5G.

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We are part of the teams responsible for two Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Groups (SIG): the Virtual Networks SIG, set up to explore how 5G will expand the concept of the software-defined virtual network; and, the Non-Terrestrial Networks SIG, created to explore the opportunities to transform the economies of areas previously difficult to connect by providing reliable connectivity.