Dynamic, location based technologies are transforming the way organisations plan and deliver their services.

The old adage that ‘everything happens somewhere’ is still true today. The recently published ‘Unlocking the power of location: The UK’s Geospatial Strategy’ by the Geospatial Commission in June 2020 stated, “Location data will be the unifying connection between things, systems, people and the environment”. The importance of geospatial technology in understanding our world has never been greater and is a core driver for the digital economy.

However, the geospatial domain is rapidly evolving. Once the domain of GIS Analysts, modern computing and storage technologies put massive amounts of real-time business critical geospatial information at the fingertips of everyone. CGI’s expertise helps organisations to take a joined up approach to accelerate their transformation and reap the benefits in terms of service delivery performance and efficiency.

When working with our clients CGI integrates it’s geospatial expertise with our wider capabilities: Software Engineering, Earth Observation, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber security and DevOps. In addition, CGI can provide the tools to help you deliver your location based services through our own Software-as-a-Service technologies – CGI GeoData360 and CGI GeoApp.