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With more than 40 years’ experience working with public sector organisations in the UK, CGI is uniquely positioned to bring “the power of where” to the UK public sector and is a global leader in the development and deployment of location-enabled technologies and services.

In June 2020, the UK’s Geospatial Commission published Unlocking the power of location: The UK’s geospatial strategy – a national vision and framework to position the UK as a leader in location-based innovation and adoption.

In this paper, CGI draws on their experience to offer four key principles for fulfilling the UK’s geospatial strategy in order to support the strategy’s mission of accelerating innovation, driving adoption and delivering on the potential of location data. The paper also looks at some examples of CGI’s involvement in delivering location systems and services to its customers.

The four key principles explored will provide recommendations on how public sector organisations can deliver the missions, which can help address the barriers that prevent public sector organisations from exploiting the potential of location data to improve the delivery of public services in the UK and make them more responsive, effective and efficient to citizens.

CGI hopes that this paper can add to the momentum already underway by the publication of the UK geospatial strategy and look to continue helping public sector organisations harness the power of digital to benefit citizens and society as a whole through exploration of location-enabled services.