Advanced analytics solutions

Advanced Analytics (AA) can help identify opportunities and provide tangible outcomes for businesses. These insights will be key in a post-pandemic climate. This video highlights our work in AA , including success stories of how our expertise has helped clients solve issues and challenges.


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Unlocking rapid innovation through data

Organisations that understand and embrace the use of data are pulling ahead of their peers in tangible ways, both in competitive advantage and in more effective operations.


Our methodology for the design and implementation of data-driven insights, can help deliver continuous value using an iterative approach minimising your investment risk. The more high-quality data you can access and the better you can analyse it, the greater the potential for value.


Our experience with clients across numerous industries shows they intently design, manage and evolve their digital value chain to accelerate business outcomes. This includes pivoting the use of data from predicting and planning to sensing and responding. This requires managing and governing their distributed enterprise data as a strategic asset, integrated with technologies such as, advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation.


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CGI Advanced Analytics Infographic

Advanced analytics  infographic

Unlocking rapid innovation through data

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CGI Insight Hub

The exponential growth in data is fuelling the demand for high-quality insight to accelerate better business decision-making. Now is the time to embrace data in order to deliver greater value than your competitors. Through our broad experience in advanced analytics we have introduced CGI Insight Hub as an accelerator service. 


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