As reflected in the CGI Client Global Insights, organisations have an accelerating need to become digital to meet customer expectations. As an essential enabler of digital transformation, automation technology is being used increasingly to:




Future of work

This brochure explores how accelerating the adoption of automation can allow for better delivery of in class service, operational excellence and a hybrid workforce.

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CGI's Intelligent Automation Framework

CGI helps clients identify and apply the right automation technologies to advance their digital agenda—from RPA to algorithmic automation to AI.

Basic automation
  • Human triggered

  • Simple rules based

  • Single system

  • Screen scraping, Scripts, Macros, Workflows

Robotic process automation
  • Human or system-triggered

  • Rules based, high-volume processes (business and IT)

  • Front, middle, back office

  • Structured data

  • Multiple system (swivel-chair operators)

  • Enterprise-level

Enhanced process automation
  • Supported by basic analytics / decision support

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Intelligent document processing

  • Structured and unstructured data

  • Simple web chatbot integration (e.g. FAQ)

Algorithmic automation
  • Complex processes and decisions

  • Supported by predictive / prescriptive analytics

  • Machine learning, narrow intelligence, basic reasoning

  • Unstructured and big data

  • IoT integration

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots

Artificial intelligence
  • Cognitive technology capable of emulating human capability including empathy

  • Full end-to-end autonomy, hypothesizing, reasoning

  • Deep learning, deep neural networks

  • Full speech recognition and generation

  • Fully capable virtual agents, omni-channel

  • Augmented & virtual reality