Our best ideas begin with you

At CGI your work creates real value as you build upon your experience, working as part of a community of problem solvers, on projects that really matter
and where your insights are respected and acted on. You will develop deep, trusted relationships with teammates and clients to realise innovative digital solutions to complex challenges and you will grow your network, sharing knowledge as you scale your ideas, embracing new opportunities and benefiting from expansive industry and technology expertise. 

Our wide client and sector base will let you test your talents in a variety of contexts and our flat structure will make it easy to see opportunities and grow at your own pace, with multiple career pathways available to help you towards leadership, subject specialism or a complete change of direction. Comprehensive learning and development programmes,
challenging engagements and stretch assignments will ensure you can advance professionally and grow your career to the next level,
in partnership with inspiring leaders who will support your unique professional development and career ambitions. 

Annual career development plan

We are committed to guiding you on your career path, providing the support and guidance you need to fulfil your career goals. Our career development process gives CGI Partners the opportunity to share their career aspirations with their manager and discuss the best course for getting them to where they want to be. Their career development plans are continuously updated based on their specific career objectives, as well as our business needs.

Knowledge sharing

Our communication and collaboration platform allows CGI Partners to connect with colleagues across the globe to share knowledge, discuss ideas, solve problems, reuse intellectual property assets, exchange lessons learned and much more. It’s a vital tool for increasing our members’ expertise of our technology practices, industry domains, clients, services and solutions.


Leadership development

A wide variety of learning opportunities are provided through the CGI Leadership Institute to help CGI Partners continuously develop their leadership abilities and enhance their knowledge in their area of expertise. Some of the key programmes sponsored by the Leadership Institute include:

Key leadership programmes

CGI 101

A seminar for new managers and above that covers CGI from A to Z through executive management and CGI expert presentations, teamwork on case studies, and activities to develop coaching and communication skills.

CGI 201

A “next-level” seminar designed for business unit leaders. It consists of a half-day session where topics such as business priorities, business development and recruitment are discussed.

CGI Engagements

A programme for CGI leaders who are involved in any phase of the engagement life cycle. It provides tools, techniques, best practices and processes that promote excellence in project execution.

Leadership Learning Centre

This centre offers information and learning materials to help emerging and established leaders hone their consultative skills.

CGI Project Management

This programme provides iterative assessment, assignment, coaching and development processes that enable project managers to master the complexities of successive project levels and, ultimately, increase CGI's impressive project delivery success rate.

On demand learning tools

Through our global learning platform, CGI Academia, there are 58,000+ assets on business, technology and leadership topics. Most learning is on-demand and available around the clock, enabling you to plan where, when and how you build your skills. In addition, the platform offers interactive code learning across the latest technology and programming languages, learning and certifications with our strategic alliance partners and foreign language learning to hone your skills when writing and speaking with clients and colleagues. 

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