Our AI offerings: combining responsible AI with human creativity

AI will not take a pause, and neither can organisations. Rapid advances in AI require the development of a repeatable, ongoing and adaptive AI strategy. We can help you envision, plan for, and accelerate your responsible AI journey for the good of all stakeholders through our portfolio of advisory services. Our method of experimenting, learning and applying human psychology and empathy enables us to deliver pragmatic and responsible AI innovation and transformative experiences.

To get you started we can provide services including:


  • AI spark session - Half to one day workshop to demystify AI, with two goals—inspire what’s possible with AI and envision AI use cases

  • AI data science: Use case validation - 1-2 weeks of data scientist-led use case validation

  • AI MVP / POV / POC - 4-6 week project typically involving a design lab and rapid prototyping and/or an MVP sprint

  • Production and scale - Leverage AI platforms to scale prototypes / MVPs into production

  • Enterprise AI operating model: Assess AI operations and offer recommendations for an industrialised operating model

  • Continuous improvement - Leverage production platform for continuous model improvement and life cycle management

Partnering with the Royal Institution

Christmas Lectures 2023

We’re proud to partner with The Royal Institution (Ri) for the CHRISTMAS LECTURES for the next three years. We share the Ri's dedication to fostering a passion for science and discovery. 

Professor Mike Wooldridge tackles the big questions and unravels the myths of AI research in the 2023 CHRISTMAS LECTURES from the Royal Institution.

Watch the lectures on BBC iPlayer (if you're in the UK) and on YouTube (if you're outside the UK). 


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The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures

Image courtesy of Paul Wilkinson Photography 


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Generative AI 

Our Generative AI practice helps you manage and mitigate risks as the use of AI shifts from automation to creation. 


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Conversational AI 

Our Conversational AI practice provides the strategy, systems, and tools you need to provide automated human-like interactions.


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Data-led transformation

Harnessing the power of your data with AI, will help unlock rapid innovation. We use advanced analytics to help identify opportunities and provide tangible outcomes for businesses.


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Computer Vision

With CGI Machine Vision, you can apply edge AI and machine learning to interpret videos and photos in a human-like way. Changing the economics of visual monitoring using computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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Our partner ecosystem

We're building an ecosystem that drives client value. Bringing together the very best innovative thinking and solutions from across CGI and our third party relationships to deliver a wealth of expertise, driving agility and sustainable value for our clients.

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