In the first AI imperative of our 4 E’s framework, we look at envision, where we consider how to envision an AI-enabled future.

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) continues to surge, and many organisations are eager to embrace the opportunity to infuse AI into their business to optimise processes, improve customer experiences and drive innovation. Others remain hesitant, having yet to identify areas of opportunity, fearing the challenges of navigating a largely unregulated environment and lack of transparency in data sources and outputs.

Whether you're moving full steam ahead or taking smaller steps towards adoption, both approaches carry risks. Whatever the pace of uptake, those that move forward must have a clear strategy that is aligned with business priorities and takes into account security risks, reputational and financial considerations, and regulatory requirements and ethics. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option.

We advocate a practical, human-centred approach that tempers the hype and enables organisations to confidently embrace AI and deliver expected value. We believe the organisations best positioned for success adopt four imperatives for action: envisionexplore, engineer and expand. This series delves further into each imperative. First up is envision - how to envision an AI-enabled future.

Enabled by CGI's Responsible AI Delivery Cycle

CGI Envision - Set your AI vision

CGI Explore - Evaluate ROI-led use cases

CGI Engineer - Build future-fit and adaptive foundations

CGI Expand - Accelerate value and operate responsibly

Defining (or refining) your AI strategy

Envision starts with discovery. Using a structured process and proven tools, templates, and methodologies, we encourage you to think creatively and imagine your AI strategy by thinking big, surveying the landscape, and identifying potential use cases for experimentation.

By taking a methodical approach to discovery, we work with you to ensure your resulting AI strategies:

Align to your strategic objectives

  • Map potential AI initiatives to your growth agenda. Through discovery, we’ve found most are keen to utilise AI to generate innovative business models that identify new revenue streams, increase creativity, uncover opportunities to develop new products and deliver faster, more personalised services
  • Involve all stakeholders —from the C-suite and department heads. Gain buy-in and help them make meaningful connections between AI and their own work.

Cover all corners of your organisation

  • What will truly move the needle? We help you scout out across your business for projects that could deliver significant benefits at scale
  • We evaluate potential roadblocks and uncover areas within the business that could either help or hinder your path forward. A comprehensive evaluation of data readiness, potential security risks, and organisational culture are essential variables. 

Stay within critical guardrails

  • Envisioning an AI-enabled future doesn’t just mean dreaming up the next ChatGPT. It means monitoring the broader landscape, including emerging trends and changing regulations. A trusted partner can provide much-needed domain expertise and cross-industry perspective, helping ensure every AI strategy is flexible enough to evolve over time
  • During this phase, we often identify issues that can be better solved with more conventional technologies, such as Intelligent Process Automation, system integrations or application feature enhancements. A successful AI strategy will add meaningful value and advance your digital transformation journey. 

Keep humans in the loop 

  • While AI can and does drive operational efficiencies, the threat of technology replacing humans on the job is less likely than some headlines may lead you to believe. You should take a human-centric approach to ensure AI strategies and solutions keep humans front and centre. 


Seeing the full picture

As we work to envision your AI future, we often uncover related issues and potential cascading effects on people, processes, systems and technology. This helps address potential pitfalls early and ensures a comprehensive view of the current state is brought into focus right from the start. These “ah-ha” moments can provide insights for better decision-making downstream, such as:

  • Change management resources to address cultural resistance
  • HR and talent strategies to enable AI implementation
  • Increased investment in data readiness initiatives
  • Options for the implementation of more traditional solutions.


Ready to envision your AI-enabled future with us?

We work with you in the envision phase of your AI journey to deliver an AI maturity assessment, strategy and roadmap, responsible AI principles and framework, and risk and compliance management. This upfront work is essential for developing an AI strategy that is innovative, attainable, supports the goals of the business and delivers value.

We practice what we preach and make it relevant to the real world. We have built and will continue to evolve a vision for our internal AI strategy by assembling cross-functional experts across the globe to identify and prioritise potential use cases. The opportunities await, and we have the tools to create a roadmap to find them. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and find the future together. 

Ready to find out how CGI can help? Reach out to our AI experts for more information, or continue our 4 E’s series by reading our explore, engineer and expand articles.