Staying ahead of rapid industry transformation

As Communications Service Providers, you are facing unprecedented challenges brought about by the global pandemic, while trying to stay ahead of a rapidly transforming industry and the global drive towards sustainable, responsible tech.  As you respond to demands for seamless connectivity and ever-increasing network speeds, at CGI, we provide solutions to help you accelerate innovation and move to new business models that enhance the customer experience, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Delivering a superior customer experience

We know that continuously improving customer experience is one of your top priorities and our goal is to help you achieve it through an effortless customer-first approach. Our expert teams, accredited in the latest DevOps, Cloud technologies and Agile are ready to work with you to accelerate your change programmes.

CGI’s reputation is built on trust, with over 30 years’ experience helping industry leaders like BT and Vodafone to become next-generation telecoms providers, we have proven to bring the innovative solutions that deliver the changes your customers demand.

Prioritising Sustainability

CGI is committed to an inclusive and sustainable world. We have made an ambitious pledge to reach net zero by 2030 and, in the UK, we have a net-zero plan in place underpinned by science-based targets. We are committed to help our clients do the same.

We can help you to design creative and pragmatic sustainability strategies, which engage your customers, stakeholders, and employees as you navigate towards net zero.  Our robust solutions enable sustainability through data-driven insights, creating a positive economic, social and environmental impact for our clients and their communities.

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devices supported by our IoT platform
Call Detail Record (CDR) transactions are processed every day by our Global Data
applications for our telecommunications clients in the UK 

We work with you to understand the change you want to deliver for your end customers. Together, we will develop your end-to-end strategy from business case through to service re-design, business change and into operational support. Using our Agile approach and in-depth experience of working with industry verticals, we will transform conceptualisation, planning and implementation of solutions.
We work with you to deliver real change to your systems, processes and business culture. Together, we will explore and develop new ways to use improved connectivity from 5G, Private Networks and connected devices to drive faster digital transformation. Our communications solution set uses our IP capabilities and strategic vendor relationships to deliver transformative solutions for truly integrated services for your customers.
Our communications experts will work with you to boost your capacity to transform your services. After we have jointly identified any gaps, we will supply the skills you need – such as people-centred design support and change, digital and technical architecture, data analytics, automation, and agile delivery of specific technology capability.
Our 1,700+ security experts around the world are ready to help you protect your systems and networks against evolving cyber threats. As one of the largest cyber practices in the UK, we have the capacity to apply a communications specific lens to complex security issues, resulting in solutions tailored to your specific needs.
As your partner, you can trust us to become your IT delivery arm. We work collaboratively, applying our communications industry knowledge, our technology expertise and compelling digital transformation capabilities, to the end-to-end management of your IT and digital estate. We aim to drive simplification up and costs down so you can rationalise and prioritise your digital investments, to deliver excellence to your customers.

Delivering better indoor and outdoor coverage with Hybrid and 5G networks

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CGI’s Andy Marr and Alan Nunn were recently interviewed by Total Telecom at the Connected Britain 2022 event, to give their views on the opportunities for innovation that are created by hybrid satellite, terrestrial 5G networks and private 5G networks.

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CGI and Nokia partner to create 5G lab in London

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The 5G lab will feature the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) solution that provides secure industrial-grade private wireless networks with local edge computing capabilities to accelerate the deployment and digitilisation potential of 5G. 

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CGI and IQGeo team up to drive change for UK fibre and utility operators

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The new partnership will see CGI and IQGeo work closely together, combining their complementary expertise, technology and market presence to help fibre and utility network operators meet ambitious network expansion and business transformation objectives.

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