While 5G networks are rolling out fast, there will inevitably be hard to cover areas. CGI’s Andy Marr, Director Consulting Services for Space, Defence and Intelligence, and Communications Subject Matter Expert, Alan Nunn, were recently interviewed by Total Telecom at the Connected Britain 2022 event, to give their views on the opportunities for innovation that are created by hybrid satellite, terrestrial 5G networks and private 5G networks.

They discuss how CGI’s innovative approaches using Hybrid 5G and Low Earth Orbit Satellite networks can be used to improve coverage on trains, giving users services they need while on the move.

Indoors, 5G coverage challenges can be addressed with private networks, which can provide high capacity and low latency coverage, giving opportunities to deliver more efficient and flexible operations in factory and logistics environments.

5G and private networks also enable the benefits of collaboration within the Metaverse. Learn how CGI used this emerging technology to develop the CGI Meta Hub - a solution to a specific problem encountered during the pandemic: how to successfully onboard staff who may not be able to meet their team in person.  

Watch the video of the interview here