CGI Advisory Services partners with organisations to power people-focused digital transformation that:

  • Increases efficiency and productivity across operations
  • Enables greater agility and growth, with faster time to market
  • Improves service and product quality for customer, employee and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Increases revenue and enables cost efficient processes
  • Empowers regulatory compliance and sustainability initiatives
  • Improves decision making through data-driven insights.


We use our Digital Backbone vision to deliver the fundamental, IT-enabled building blocks that will drive your organisation’s success. Whatever your digital maturity, the Digital Backbone provides a comprehensive, flexible approach for digital transformation; it encompasses our Advisory Services and solutions and is designed to enable robust, tailored digital strategies that revolutionise the way organisations works.

From strategy development through to implementation, our experts in service management, technical, business, and sustainability, as well as specific industries, will guide you every step of the way with tailored services and solutions to address your challenges and ambitions.

Explore our Advisory Services webpage or contact us and one of our Advisory Services experts will be in touch to discuss how we can help transform your organisation.