Transforming local government

Local authorities are under unprecedented financial pressure, caused by reductions in funding coupled with rising demand for services. At the same time, the expectations of the citizen have been shaped by their digital interactions in all areas of life, so most expect public services to be omni-channel and 'digital by default’. The response to Covid-19 has further challenged previous concepts of public service delivery, and councils are now looking to the future as an opportunity to reinvent citizen-facing services.


Residential housing

Driving change for tenants and communities

Housing Associations play a critical role in our communities by providing accommodation and care to parts of the UK population in need of a home. But they are also under unprecedented pressure, as new regulations place an increased focus on tenant satisfaction and the drive to net zero is causing a rethink on housing stock and operational efficiency. At the current time, inflationary pressures are also stress-testing household incomes and driving arrears, bringing further challenges to housing associations.

At CGI, we help local authorities and housing associations to respond to these changes in demands, to reinvent service delivery models and make the best use of emerging technologies, IoT, and technology platforms to improve outcomes for citizens, tenants and staff.

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Working side by side with local authorities to create sustainable communities for the future


Local authorities are exploring how smart cities and connected communities can enable the delivery of critical council services. We are playing a leading role in shaping and delivering sustainable communities with local authorities across the UK.

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Smart places and connected communities

Local authorities across the UK are exploring how smart places and connected communities can improve the delivery of critical council services.

We're also playing a leading role in shaping and delivering smart places for clients across the UK and globally, offering a range of proven products and services which deliver return on investment against desired imperatives.

CGI SensorInsights360

Our scalable real-time data platform delivers an end-to-end approach to Internet of Things (IoT), asset data collection and asset management, reducing the complexity of your IoT and improving citizens and consumers’ lives.

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Transformational service delivery

We are trusted to deliver full managed IT services to a number of UK local authorities. Our approach aims to provide cost savings, reduce risk, and enable innovation - providing a transformational approach which is focused on improving outcomes for the council and its citizens.

We are also helping a number of councils realise their ambitions to become smarter authorities, gaining valuable insights from data to inform place-based service delivery, understand demand and inform future strategy.

Our metro model

Building lasting local relationships is key to our metro model, enabling our members to work closely with our local authority clients wherever they are based.

This model also encompasses areas such as social value and skills development. Each of our 6,000 UK members is encouraged to nominate local causes and social value projects, often working on these community initiatives alongside teams from our clients. 

Our members also support our STEM programme, reaching out to local schools to help foster technical skills and inspire the next generation to follow a career in IT. We also offer Higher and Degree level apprenticeships alongside other technical career pathways.


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