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Carwyn Cook

Since joining CGI in 2000, Carwyn has worked with clients to understand their business challenges and provide innovative solutions. The majority of this time has been spent helping public sector organisations make better use of technology as an effective enabler of change. Prior to this, he worked in technical roles within the utilities and market research sectors.

He is currently focused on supporting UK local authorities on their transformation journeys, helping them to deliver efficiencies, increase operational agility and improve citizen outcomes.

From this author

CGI Cyber Security Services for Local Government

18 June 2021 We help organisations achieve cyber security resilience and are a trusted partner of local authorities and other public service organisations across the UK.

Changing Places: The importance of cultural change in place-led innovation

20 May 2021 With organisational models and the supporting technology traditionally siloed within vertical service lines, place-based models are now emerging, realising the potential for operating efficiencies and improved citizen outcomes.

The joy of tidying up: Decluttering local authority IT

07 January 2021 For recently-formed unitary authorities unwanted possessions of a different kind may be lurking within the server room. Carwyn Cook explores the short term challenges, along with the opportunity to realise longer-term benefits or reducing IT clutter.