Achieve your maritime mission more confidently and effectively

Maritime crews need access to information so they can quickly react to changing circumstances in challenging conditions. We research, develop and deliver open architecture Maritime Platform Management Systems. These systems are capable of providing accurate situational awareness and positional information at high speeds in demanding environments. We helped develop the Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA), an open architecture approach to land platform design and integration that pays particular regard to platform infrastructure and the associated Human Machine Interface (HMI).

CGI OpenSea360

CGI OpenSea360 is an open architecture mission system for sub 24m high-speed craft. Our high-performance mission system is intelligently designed to put the right insights and capabilities in front of the right people at the right times – and we tailor it to your precise needs.


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Capability Areas

Our work in the maritime domain is underpinned by a portfolio of capabilities that are aligned with contemporary initiatives. These include:

  • Information exploitation
  • Marine navigation
  • Platform management
  • Workload analysis and optimisation
  • Organisational design
  • EW and Air Defence Command & Control
  • Design and development of Open Architectures
  • Automation and Autonomy
  • Experimentation and proof of concept
  • User Interaction

Our maritime solutions

CGI OpenSea360 is the maritime mission system for sub-24m high-speed craft, proven to enable crews to react faster to changing circumstances in challenging conditions.

CGI OpenSea360 and Subsea Craft Case Study

CGI OpenSea360 was chosen as the mission system for SubSea Craft’s pioneering diver delivery unit. It assuredly accelerates critical mission phases and provides class-leading situational awareness and underwater communication for all crew. The mission system for a revolutionary surface and sub-surface vessel.


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