An Agile approach

Rapidly shifting digital service expectations are transforming the needs of customers and employees.

Combined with increasing competition from new entrants and disrupters your organisation must be able to quickly apply technology to increase resilience, agility and realise your digital transformation ambitions.

Many organisations have tried Agile with mixed results.

All too often, ambitious Agile projects can fall by the wayside due to legislative, cultural, investment or legacy system integration obstacles.


Accelerate your organisational agility

Our Agile Digital Services power digital transformations and increase organisational agility in the face of changing customers’ demands and new market disrupters. By empowering you to rapidly deliver better products, services and solutions, we can help you accelerate value and realise your ambitions.

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A seamless experience

CGI Agile Digital Services provide you with the end-to-end capabilities you need, when you need it, how you need it. Our wealth of experience and expertise in Agile delivery means that we understand what the obstacles are and have a proven track record of delivering results across sectors.

So, together, we can overcome the specific challenges you face and provide seamless digital experiences that deliver transformational business value.

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Deliver better services, faster

Our Agile Digital Services power digital transformations through our UK based team of experts who augment, supplement and coach your in-house teams.

As the first Scaled Agile® Global Transformation Partner, our clients choose our world-class talent, processes, and tools, to supply the skills and capacity they need to rapidly deliver higher quality outcomes. So, they can increase the pace of transformation and reduce the time to market.

Alongside, our flexible commercial models enable you to scale up and down at your pace. So, no matter the scale or the complexity of the challenge, you can realise your digital ambitions.

Our squads work with your teams to accelerate value by:

  • Fostering a shared purpose and vision
  • Creating a high trust environment
  • Effectively balancing creativity with compliance
  • Focusing on quality outcomes
  • Maintaining a lean mindset
  • Evidencing the value of continuous delivery
  • Promoting ownership, autonomy, and continuous learning
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Agile squads

Flexible and skilled squads that rapidly increase in-house skills and capabilities. Our world-class Agile squads and coaches augment, supplement, and coach our clients’ in-house teams:

Perfect for organisations looking for rapid progress or introducing and proving the benefits of Agile methods by focusing on delivering a specific product or value stream. We’ll then work with you to review results, evaluate organisational agility, and determine how best to increase and scale this across your business.
Designed for organisations who need additional help with their existing large scale enterprise transformation. We add squads into your existing transformation projects, or our squads deliver products and services to you; or a mix of both. This can include supporting your staff with key expertise, skills, and coaching.
Bringing CGI’s expertise in Agile delivery and specialisms into your teams, and beyond. Our coaches work with existing client Agile teams, throughout your transformation journey to deliver demonstrable increases in business agility promoting an information sharing, performance orientated culture.


Working together

We have global expertise and specialise in innovation and the implementation of Emerging Technology.

Together, with our clients, we seize opportunities to use the power of technology to create a better future for all.

Talk to us about accelerating your organisational agility.

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Becoming digital is about achieving business agility

According to our CGI 2022 Voice of our Clients, the number of clients who say their organisation is producing expected results from digital strategies rose to 25%. Our analysis of this group of digital leaders reveals several common attributes:

They are more agile, they collaborate and innovate more, modernise more applications, and more closely align business and IT operations.

Industry leaders who embed digital into every aspect of their value chains achieve business agility and innovation at scale.  

CGI Agile Digital Services will help you  make the most of your digital strategy to accelerate results - get in touch today.

Our Tribe is gathering

Want to work on some of the most exciting Agile projects across the UK, and beyond?

We are always seeking skilled and talented people to join our growing tribe of Agile specialists.

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Discover career opportunities in Agile