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Agile’s flexible, iterative approach to software development was first mooted over 20 years ago, but in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, where organisations are under enormous pressure to meet shifting customer needs and demands, it has truly come of age...

There is no single agreed route to becoming an Agile organisation, but bad experiences can usually be traced to a small number of familiar causes, whichever framework is being deployed. Here’s our rundown of five of the most common reasons...

After two decades of being debated, implemented and refined by devotees and forward-thinking businesses, Agile approaches have gone mainstream. But what does this mean for the future? Here’s what we’re looking out for in 2023 and beyond.

Kyle Burke
Kyle Burke

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing Agile ways of working

05 May 2023 In the 1950s when the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) first emerged, it was seen as a means to build computers capable of undertaking tasks that would typically require human intelligence. Since then, AI has developed exponentially thanks to sophisticated...

In this video, our established team of experts, who work together to accelerate organisational agility across our clients, talk about agile from their unique perspectives and experience.

Aston Cockayne
Aston Cockayne

Product Ownership: the key to successful Agile delivery

06 April 2023 More and more organisations are embracing ways of working that promote a step change increase in business agility to deliver new products and services that deliver value quicker. Companies are moving away from delivering projects and more towards delivering products...

Now is the time to amplifying your business strategy in order to accelerate your digital transformation. Our flexible and skilled agile teams can help by rapidly increasing in-house skills and capabilities.