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We help our clients enhance mission success and increase the value of their investments in space. CGI delivers secure, mission-critical space systems including data processing and exploitation, satellite communications, orbit determination, command and control, ground segment engineering, navigation and situational awareness. Our first space project was in 1974 and from then we’ve continued to have a great presence in the Space Sector. We’ve worked to increase the value of clients’ Space investment whilst combatting ever-growing security threats to Space assets and information.

  • We’ve helped ensure navigation systems are secure, reliable and fit for purpose.

  • We provide network, service and business management systems to many of the world’s communications satellite operators; commercial and military.

  • Our business support tools help organisations to control and track their operations, anticipate hazards and reinforce resilience and national security.

  • Our downstream space applications support many sectors, including delivering weather satellite images and data to over 3 billion people.

  • As specialists in image processing and geospatial data we turn Earth observation data into trustworthy actionable information.  CGI GeoData360 solves common technical challenges for those aiming to exploit these new opportunities.

  • We support robotics and autonomy for international space exploration programmes to help scientists access unprecedented levels of data.

  • Our simulators model spacecraft missions to support mission operations, preparation, validation and training.

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The CGI Space Story

Now, we were born in the same decade man first walked on the moon so we can’t really claim a role in that mighty accomplishment. However, we are very proud of the role we’ve had in the space industry’s success ever since, both locally and globally.

Here, we’ll take you on a whirlwind history lesson on advances in space and our role in them.


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Careers in Space

We deliver mission-critical solutions that maximise the value of our military and commercial clients’ investments in space. We delivered our first space project in 1974 and are recognised for safe, secure systems that enable the exploitation of space data.

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