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Test Factory provides easy access to end-to-end testing that supports the delivery of quality products and services that work - on time, and on budget

17 - 19 October 2023 MRO Europe is the leading event in the region for the commercial aviation aftermarket, combining a senior level conference and international exhibition, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023.

21 - 23 November The UK Space Conference is a significant event for the UK Space sector. The conference connects the UK and international space communities and provides a place for the space sector to exchange ideas, plans, and partnerships that aid development and...

Business Support Systems (BSS) play a vital role for Satellite Network Operators in delivering effective, efficient and profitable services. Driving out inefficiencies in BSS implementations is a key part of reducing OpEx, increasing business agility, improving decision making and enhancing...

Helping optimise and automate network operations to provide enhanced performance and reduced costs.

Working with organisations to develop new use cases using advanced connectivity to improve customer experience

Delivering a complete set of services to integrate Earth Observation and Geospatial Data into applications and digital twins.