London, United Kingdom, 08 April 2024

CGI (TSX: GIB.A) (NYSE: GIB), and Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd. (Goonhilly) have been awarded a joint contract to advance the development of Receiver Chain Optimisation (RCO) technology using advanced real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in-the-loop machine-learning (ML) techniques, thereby enhancing data transmission rates for lunar and deep space missions. The new development activity extends the scope of an existing contract under the ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) Core Competitiveness programme by the European Space Agency (ESA), and supported by the UK Space Agency (UKSA).

This initiative is an example of CGI’s commitment and investment in the Responsible use of AI; in this initiative AI and ML will increase efficiency, reliability and safety in deep space missions. CGI will work closely with Goonhilly to optimise the performance of its Cornwall-based lunar and deep space antenna receiver chain. The improvements are expected to enhance antenna signal reception and increase the amount of data received per spacecraft pass, increasing the reliability of connectivity and data transmissions for lunar and deep space exploration. Successful implementation of the optimised receiver chains could pave the way for the construction and utilisation of smaller, lower cost antennas for lunar communications. The reduction in the initial capital cost, paves the way for potentially more antennas to be built into the network. Additional benefits of the project include the flexibility to add future Software Defined Radio (SDR) service enhancements and the opportunity to roll-out the technology for commercial applications in adjacent industries.

The RCO project builds on CGI’s end-to-end AI accelerator platform, CGI AccelerateAI360, together with a series of solutions for the global satellite communications marketplace which form the CGI Autonomous Satcom Solutions (AUTSS) programme. The project also utilises Goonhilly’s expertise as one of the world’s most experienced commercial lunar and deep space communications providers. Since establishing the world’s first private capability of its kind in 2021, the team at Goonhilly have supported over 17 different spacecraft operating beyond geostationary orbit for organisations such as NASA, ESA, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), and Intuitive Machines.

Dr Craig Brown, Director of Investment at the UK Space Agency, said: “Satellites have connected people and businesses across the world, and beyond for decades, and the UK has played a significant role in this. The technology being announced here today, supported by the UK Space Agency through the ESA ARTES programme, will give companies like Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall an excellent advantage, increasing the data transmitted from the Moon and deep space through this exciting application of AI. This is a great example of how advances in AI can be used to improve the way we communicate, helping to usher in the first generation of truly commercial deep space communications. The collaboration between CGI and Goonhilly to develop this concept highlights the impressive innovation of the UK’s space sector, demonstrating what can be achieved when we work together to push the boundaries of emerging technology.”

Sanna Sandberg, ESA Technical Officer, said: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionary technologies capable of pushing the limits of satellite communications. We are excited to be driving this revolution within this fast-moving industry segment of lunar and deep space missions by supporting CGI and Goonhilly as part of a contract awarded ESA’s ARTES Core Competitiveness programme, with the support of the UK Space Agency.”

Jaime Reed, Vice-President for CGI’s UK and Australia Space Data Platforms and Applications, said: “Our Receiver Chain Optimisation technology provides a novel error correction technique for satellite signal chains leveraging the power of machine learning and CGI’s proven experience in implementing AI, as well as our new global investment to advance responsible AI adoption. This new technology, based on years of R&D, extends our capacity to help satcom and ground station operators increase their revenues and improve customer experience. Our team is working on a family of projects which will enable the Space industry to be at the forefront of exploiting AI in operations in the years to come.”

Matthew Cosby, Chief Technology Officer at Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd., said: “This AI-driven technology has the potential to strengthen our already excellent lunar and deep space communications capabilities – improving our offering for customers by increasing the amount of precious data we can bring to Earth with each spacecraft pass. Research continues on all elements of the communications chain to maximise the returned data from spacecraft. By using information from all parts of the receiver chain throughout the decoding mechanism, we have the potential to enhance the quality of the data at the end of the process. Training the AI techniques on real science data enables the complete system to learn and correct data that would normally be discarded.”

For more than 40 years, CGI has delivered complex, mission-critical space software systems for clients across Europe, Australia, Asia and North America, from supporting satellite navigation, communications and operations, to space-enabled applications.

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