Adding clarity to Agile

CGI AgileUnity delivery portal is designed to work with any Agile managed delivery, offering clarity regardless of product sector, scale or complexity.

It enables Agile delivery teams and clients to see clear product roadmaps, progress status and future forecasting.

The portal scrubs out common doubts about Agile, providing reassurance and building understanding and confidence when product development is underway.



Roadmap and forecasting infographic
Confidence and Flexibility Infographic

How it works - as easy as 1,2,3...


1 see the plan
2 track the progress
3 forecast the future

CGI AgileUnity delivery portal uses working data to generate real-time updates on the progress and performance of your product development with a dashboard providing clear status details and accurate progress metrics.

The portal also integrates fully with all Work Management Systems.

Why CGI AgileUnity is a game-changer

CGI AgileUnity provides you with an invaluable communication tool that marries the flexible, iterative culture of Agile with solid metrics that substantiate product progress.

The three-in-one view provided by the portal is great for reporting, and even better for inspiring confidence in the teams that provide its data.

CGI AgileUnity distils your work, allowing you to evaluate as you deliver, and improve continuously throughout the project.

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AgileUnity Solution shown on laptop