Teaching, learning, living


Today’s school pupils and Higher education students are born digital natives and this is reflected in how they consume, learn and live.

They have only known life with access to search engines capable of providing vast amounts of information in a matter of seconds. They are curious and well-connected.

CGI offers Empowered Learning and living throughout the entire life of UK learners; providing digital solutions for the digital citizens of the future.


What is Empowered Learning? 


CGI’s inclusive education transformation solution allows educators, learners and parents to take advantage of digital technology opportunities. We partner with dedicated teaching professionals to ensure educators are supported on their journey to Empowered Learning.


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Higher education student accesses learning on a hand held device




The Digital Led University

The university experience is simplified, seamless and secure for the convenience of students, staff and investors, and your university benefits from an increased reputation, cost savings, sustainable operations and much more.

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