The Ministry of Defence is driving a fast moving transformation programme to deliver modern, open and flexible IT which is agile and innovative. Information superiority and collaboration with coalition forces, intelligence and law enforcement agencies is seen as vital to defend against increasing physical and cyber security threats.

For 40 years CGI has been a global provider of information services to the defence and intelligence agencies of the UK, Canada, USA and across Europe. We bring expertise in multiple IT disciplines and knowledge of other commercial and public sector solutions to Defence.

In the UK, we are a leading defence and security software and IT services supplier, providing advisory services, software solutions, systems integration, secure managed services, electronic architectures, GIS and training. Military personnel trust and rely on us for large, complex, secure programmes – from the back office to frontline operations.

gold awardWe're committed to supporting our Armed Forces and are proud to hold a Gold Award in recognition of our support of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.

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We are an agile, innovative and vendor-independent company with a deep understanding of the defence and intelligence environments. We work with SMEs and other partners to deliver the best solution. We design and deliver ICT and digital transformation and support improved interoperability. We have provided end-to-end services to frontline operations, open architecture maritime systems, military space, defence intelligence, communications, spectrum management, medical, security vetting, logistics and infrastructure programmes.

Over 2,500 users access over 400,000 centralised MOD medical records


security clearance applications are processed per annum using CGI software


NATO staff in 20 countries use our document handling system


Defence intelligence control room

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A trusted supplier of advice, systems integration and managed IT services 


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