Turning vision into reality

As technology advances, new concepts for solutions are envisioned, but often are not being delivered due to resources or the capabilities within organisations. We address the challenge of balancing the competing factors of commercial pressures, need for innovative research into operational capability and leverage our emerging technology capabilities and partner ecosystem to unlock value from these ideas.

We focus on a delivering solutions based on our client’s needs, combining the latest technologies, we can design a custom solution and, as patterns emerge through subsequent use cases, develop reusable solutions, creating an environment of ongoing innovation and improvement.

Defence innovation

Our innovation culture

Our innovation centres form part of an extensive global network of innovation, and provides market-relevant insight, and capabilities to support our clients across industries, from space to maritime.

Our breadth and knowledge in innovation ideas makes for a strong reach back and constant view of technology landscapes across industries. Client engagements are used to elaborate challenge themes such as identity, 5G, smart cities, web3.0 and constant horizon scans. SME engagements and university links create a rich picture of technology which feeds a “hopper” with a constant flow of ideas and challenges.

Our Lab encourages an ethos of learning and experimentation with constant emphasis on self-improvement and teaching across a very wide range of technical disciplines. The Lab is capable of taking on tasks ranging from low-level protocol analysis, AI and applied machine learning, mobile app development, cyber research and software reverse engineering. The knowledge spans the full scale of communications environment including terrestrial and satellite, internet and IoT.

We frequently hold hackathons with a view to teasing out opportunities around technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, IoT and geospatial data.

The CGI Space Story Infographic

Space and robotics

Our space and robotics centre showcases the best of what we can do in the space domain, from developing the eyes of the ExoMars using machine learning, through to modelling and simulation of satellites, and our orbit visualisation tool helps us better understand large and complex data sets.


Maritime and land

CGI OpenSea360 & CGI OpenLand360 are developed and tested in this centre. CGI OpenSea360 was built for sub-24 high-speed craft vehicles, our software is even used in the revolutionary surface and sub-surface vessel built by SubSea Craft. Whereas CGI OpenLand360 is a new level of Defence vehicle integration, this software currently used on robots to support troops operations. .

man monitors satellite data

Space, Defence and intelligence

Our Gloucester based innovation centre is the flagship research and development lead for CGI’s Space, Defence and intelligence business. A recent concept was to develop a tool that applies statistical analysis to live video streams or files to identify rapid and creeping areas of change, whilst ignoring transient change.

Satellite orbiting earth

5G and satcoms hub

Our 5G hub enables the development and acceleration of potential use cases and demonstrate the benefits of hybrid 5G and satellite communications networks.


Supporting our Armed Forces

We’re a forces-friendly organisation

CGI is proud to uphold the Armed Forces Covenant and support the armed forces community. We recognise the contribution that service personnel both regular and reservist, veterans and military families make to our organisation, our community and to the country.


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