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We developed a new modern web application platform called eTimber to replace Forestry England’s 20-year-old legacy system.

My Health Portal contributes to improving the health and wellbeing of an organisation’s employees through a range of customised activities, resources and tools.

Noemi de Hevia Mendez

5G at the time of COVID: A year on

23 June 2021 The social and economic disruptions as a result of the COVID pandemic have highlighted the importance of connectivity in a socially distanced world. This blog details how 5G is becoming a big part of the solutions and strategies to solve...

Joao Mouco
João Mouco

What do you know about quantum computing?

23 June 2021 Emerging technologies expert, Joao Mouco discusses the very current topic of quantum computing and analyses its pros and cons.

Kelvin Kwok
Kelvin Kwok

The Future of Work: Why businesses need to prepare for time wasting

21 June 2021 Kelvin Kwok explores how technological advances could affect our personal, and in turn professional lives. How could the Future of Work look when cutting-edge technology is fully integrated into our working day, and how will humans use the extra time...

Annette Trenz
Annette Trenz

Using scenario planning to help supply chains bounce back

21 June 2021 Before drawing conclusions about the resilience of manufacturing supply chains, we must first establish how they will bounce back from over a year of intense pressure and change.

Our payments expert Phil Skinner explains Request to Pay and the benefits to billers of using it, as he believes 2021 is the year for Request to Pay!