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We explore how location-enabled applications can transform public sector delivery in the UK, inform police and enable better decision-making through adopting an Open approach to data and service provision.

With the rise of the ‘always on’ user in the last decade comes a new trust in human-to-computer interaction. Time-to-value is the new customer experience metric.

Increase efficiency by realising the benefits of digital transformation to your advisory business.

This white paper looks at the three main components of Request to Pay (RtP): the history and context, how RtP is being implemented in Europe and in the UK and finally how this comes together as exciting business and consumer...

“Connect to Innovate” is a new white paper on the opportunities and challenges for transformation in the UK water sector, leveraging emerging technologies and data insights.

This report explores the UK’s geospatial strategy and recommendations from CGI based on previous experience in developing and deploying location-enabled technologies and services, four key principles that support the strategy’s geospatial mission.

In this white paper, our banking experts focus on digital currencies issued by central banks referred to as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

Key considerations for responding, rebounding and reinventing through the pandemic

Agile is the perfect catalyst for reshaping software development but it is extremely challenging to execute in traditional organisations. Learn more about what you need to create an “agile-friendly” culture.