The landscape of health and care delivery is rapidly evolving, and one of the emerging concepts at the forefront is hybrid care.

This white paper delves into the intricacies of hybrid care, exploring its definition and the innovations that enable it. Its aim is to assist health and care organisations in navigating the complexities of hybrid care.

By combining the advantages of digital technology with the invaluable aspects of in-person interaction, hybrid care presents a transformative approach to delivering health and care services.

Hybrid care integrates digital technology with traditional care to enhance patient and service user’s outcomes and experiences. It enables remote monitoring, consultations, and support from home using wearable devices and telecare systems. This proactive approach prevents the deterioration of conditions and unnecessary hospital admissions and enables the potential for simple procedures to take place at home or in the community.

This paper also sheds light on the benefits and challenges associated with implementing hybrid care models and provides practical guidance for organisations looking to embark on their own hybrid care journey.

With a focus on enhancing individual outcomes, optimising resource utilisation, and fostering individual empowerment, hybrid care represents a pivotal step towards shaping the future of health and
care in the UK.

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