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Our Higher Education Advisory and data experts help universities develop sustainable strategies for data-driven success.

Business Support Systems (BSS) play a vital role for Satellite Network Operators in delivering effective, efficient and profitable services. Driving out inefficiencies in BSS implementations is a key part of reducing OpEx, increasing business agility, improving decision making and enhancing...

Helping optimise and automate network operations to provide enhanced performance and reduced costs.

Working with organisations to develop new use cases using advanced connectivity to improve customer experience

Delivering a complete set of services to integrate Earth Observation and Geospatial Data into applications and digital twins.

Offering testing services for better operation performance in the face of GNSS interference

Our Health and Care Advisory experts consider the current state of the sector, and the steps required to transform healthcare experiences with a people, process and technology approach.

Placing people at the heart of innovation – our comprehensive solutions are designed to drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions for our clients. With a foundation in cutting edge technologies, we delivery tailor made solutions which meet wit our clients...

As the struggle against energy instability and climate change intensifies, space has the potential to offer a secure, sustainable power source and this is being explored by governments and organisations globally - but cyber security is key to its success...