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NHS Trusts face unprecedented challenges with financial pressures whilst continuing to deliver the best patient care. The expectation to do more with less is never more apparent. Our Managed IT Service helps to reduce costs, improve outcomes, increase agility and...

This fact sheet explores what Data Science and Machine Learning are, and how companies can use them to solve complex issues.

CGI MetroZero is an outcome-based approach to helping organisations achieve their net zero ambitions.

SensorInsight360 helps Train Operating Companies gather real time information on track and asset performance to improve network performance and passenger experience.

This brochure outlines the CGI Polaris ProductWriter Service

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one CGI’s long-held core values. Correspondingly, one of our strategic goals is to be recognised by our communities as a caring and responsible corporate citizen.

Co-innovating to optimise costs and transform

How clients create value during a time of unprecedented change

With the transition to alternative fuels, new competition entering the market and the need to adapt to the post pandemic world, fuel retailers must reimagine new ways of doing business to respond, rebound and reinvent for continued success.