Neil has led the UK Space, Defence and Intelligence Business Unit since October 2017. A CGI member in our Defence business for over 20 years, Neil initially managed our Military Air account and over the years progressed to lead the strategy, business development and successful delivery of our Defence programmes from operational platforms, satellite communications and military intelligence systems, through to medical and vetting services. He served as the Vice President of our UK Defence business for 5 years, working closely with our senior Ministry of Defence and Partner clients.

In his current role, Neil is expanding his domain knowledge into the Space, Intelligence and Cyber Security arenas, and is seeking to find synergies across these diverse businesses in areas such as Military Space and Defence Cyber. The business is also now expanding into the Aerospace and Maritime domains following the integration of SCISYS into CGI.

He is a member of the CGI UK Board and holds a number of cross-business responsibilities for CGI UK. He has recently picked up responsibility for the development of CGI’s Space, Defence & Intelligence business in Australia and holds leading roles on CGI’s international cabinets for Space, 5-Eyes and Cyber Security.

Prior to joining CGI, Neil had over 10 years’ experience in the Defence and Security IT arena. As the boundaries between organised crime, cyber-crime, conventional and unconventional warfare become increasingly blurred, he deeply understands the challenges that our space, defence and intelligence clients face within the context of secure government and how ICT and digital transformation can support their operations and functions. He holds roles on a number of Industry bodies where he seeks to help address issues and challenges across the individual sectors and cross-sector.