Many industries, particularly those with a mobile or remote workforce, have struggled to deploy enterprise IT solutions extensively. Connectivity can be a challenge, especially for implementing automation and robotics. The recent significant cost reduction and performance increase in satellite communications make this a viable option for many businesses when considering an enterprise solution. We have expertise in the satellite and telecoms industries and our services are underpinned by our network management systems solutions and overall OSS/BSS capability.

Our network integration services have an end-to-end capability from networks to applications. We understand that improving connectivity for an organisation goes hand-in-hand with modern applications and the overall employee/customer experience. We work with organisations to develop new use cases using robotics, industrial automation and mobile Augmented Reality to provide the mobile workforce with training and operations data.

We have developed a 5G lab to enable further collaboration with our clients. Our lab is a valuable tool in helping you to understand how SatCom and cellular technologies can enable new use cases as well as experimenting with and demonstrating them in the real world. As businesses seek to increase revenue, providing improved connectivity enhances customer experience and drives new revenue-generating use cases.