Space communications

Satellite communications

We help satellite operators develop new strategies and services.

Bringing unique capabilities to the market

Satellite communications (satcoms) face steep competition from terrestrial solutions. As fixed networks cover more of the globe, satcoms operators must continually innovate and improve. A key challenge is understanding the distinct role of satcoms in an integrated communications solution that includes fixed, wireless and satellite. This is particularly true with the launch of 5G networks.

Meanwhile, satcoms bring unique capabilities to remote locations and user communities in aviation, maritime and other transportation sectors; defense, intelligence, emergency and other public services; utilities, oil and gas; communications and media; and financial services.

Based on our extensive work with downstream satcom users, we help operators develop new strategies, applications and services in these markets.

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  • We design and deliver a variety of network and capacity-management systems for clients such as the European Space Agency (ESA), where we will support commercial flight trials of the Iris air traffic modernization program.
  • We can help plan and deliver mega-satellite constellations. For example, we support OneWeb to make Internet access available and affordable for all to bridge the global digital divide by 2027—supporting access to education and healthcare that will save lives.
  • We can help the defense industry benefit from the power of commercial solutions with tools like Skynet 5—which enables secure communications around the world.
  • We support the German satellite Heinrich Hertz (H2SAT), which is testing new technologies while in geostationary orbit. We provide all ground support for the mission, which also serves as an important communications asset for the German military.

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The CGI space story

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CGI CarnotSat launched to accelerate the roll-out of 5G

We bring together fixed-network and satellite planning for 5G rollouts.

With the new planning tool CGI CarnotSat, developed with the European Space Agency, we will help make 5G connectivity a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Our recently launched CGI CarnotSat software solution will let network operators plan and deploy combined terrestrial and satellite networks.

CGI CarnotSat allows network planners to carry out scenario-based modeling and explore use cases across vertical markets. It can create new or augmented network designs with any backhaul solution—including satellites, microwave backhaul and fiber. These designs can then be analyzed for cost and performance versus business goals.


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