Top trends and priorities reveal growing importance of space data for security and sustainability

We met with 31 space executives to understand their top priorities and how they plan to navigate and adapt to evolving macro and industry trends shaping their organizations. These strategic conversations provide a unique view into how these executives are becoming digital to satisfy customers and advance the fights against climate change and cybersecurity. Discover executives’ top trends, priorities and more.

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Cyber strategy matures
have an enterprise strategy; 89% are operational and producing results

Managed services for IT apps to rise
plan to invest in such services in 3 years vs. 36% now

Social demographics impact grows
cite high impacts of this macro trend, up 33pp from 2022

Sustainability creates value
see sustainability as highly core to value creation, up 21pp from 2022

New IT delivery models emerge
are at the build or implementing stage of embracing such models

Space VOC Key findings

Overall, the Space industry progressed in becoming operational or producing results from digital strategies, rising from 50% in 2022 to 63% in 2023.  When comparing insights from those executives who are operational or producing results from digital strategies (digital adopters) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge.

Digital adopters in Space are focused on agility, supply chain and security to help navigate change.

Space digital attribute

Have highly agile business models to address digitization and integrate new technologies

Digital leaders


Digital adopters


Space digital attribute 2

Produce results with their data privacy strategy

Digital leaders


Digital adopters


Space digital attribute 3

See higher impact from supply chain reconfiguration

Digital leaders


Digital adopters



Continue to mature cybersecurity
to support digital transformation strategies.


Enable seamless data continuity
across operations to improve decision-making.


Track and measure relevant ESG data
to accelerate sustainability.


Closely align business and IT
to accelerate strategies and priorities.


Pursue collaborative strategies
and partnerships to maximize shared value.


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