New planning tool, developed with the European Space Agency, will help make 5G connectivity a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Our recently launched CGI CarnotSat software solution will let network operators plan and deploy combined terrestrial and satellite networks. The solution will help accelerate delivery of 5G connectivity everywhere, reduce the cost of rolling out large-scale and rural networks, and support next-generation, hybrid applications, such as connected cars.

CGI CarnotSat allows network planners to carry out scenario-based modeling and explore use cases across vertical markets. It can create new or augmented network designs with any backhaul solution—including satellites, microwave backhaul and fiber. These designs can then be analyzed for cost and performance versus business goals.

“CGI CarnotSat was developed based on mobile network operators' feedback that providing 100 percent terrestrial 5G coverage connected via microwave backhaul or fiber alone is not financially viable or efficiently achievable,” said Shaun Stretton, Senior Vice President for UK & Australia at CGI. “By bringing together our expertise across both telecoms and satellite communications, we developed an integrated tool that allows 5G planners to use satellite communications that enables them to cost-effectively and quickly plan and roll out networks to wider communities.”

We can deliver a radio-propagation and planning tool as part of the solution, or integrate with a client’s existing radio-planning tool chain. The tool, which can bring satellite communications into a 4G or 5G network, will reduce time to market, provide wider geographical coverage, and improve network performance at a lower cost.

CGI CarnotSat is designed to integrate with most commercially available third-party Radio Access Network (RAN) planning tools for ease of deployment into client legacy tool chains. For the initial release, we selected market leader TEOCO ASSET to demonstrate its seamless integration with a RAN planning tool and for greenfield deployment scenarios. CGI is also able to offer business consulting for hybrid network deployments, taking advantage of CarnotSat.

CGI CarnotSat has been developed with the European Space Agency as part of the ARTES Core Competitiveness program to better enable the integration of satellite communications and terrestrial networks.

CGI has been delivering complex, mission-critical space software systems for clients across Europe, Asia, and North America—supporting satellite navigation, communications and operations to space-enabled applications—for more than 40 years.

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