CGI’s Waterway Monitoring Service digitizes the inspection of waterways, using satellite data to map out large areas of waterways, and then a machine-learning model to assess their status automatically. As a result, physical inspections can be limited to problem areas, ...

3 billion people have benefited from CGI systems producing weather information and data

200+ satellite missions supported by CGI software

2m lines of code and 100 products integrated for one client project

  • Designed and delivered the security solution for Europe’s future space-enabled Air Traffic Control Network

  • Largest independent supplier of security systems for Europe's Galileo satnav program

  • Delivered the Galileo satellite constellation control facility that will control all of Galileo's 30 satellites

  • Have worked at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) for 30+ years

  • Support the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) climate change initiative

  • Delivered the Galileo Security Facility & Crypto Key Management Facilities

  • European leader in military satellite communications ground segment systems

  • Manage the maintenance and evolution of ESRIN’s earth observation ground systems

  • Designed, delivered and deployed the core infrastructure for Galileo Public Regulated System (PRS)