At CGI, we deliver secure, mission-critical space systems to commercial and government organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation.

Since completing our first space project in 1974, we have developed advanced systems and software for government, military, scientific, academic and commercial space initiatives. We supported the missions of more than 1,000 space satellites and our 2,500 experts in space and related industries help our clients build strategies and solutions that achieve tangible outcomes.

Increasingly, space data-enabled solutions are part of daily life. Location-based services, weather forecasting and navigation systems, available on almost every mobile device, are just a few examples. The opportunities to use space data to help government and industry address key challenges such as climate change, environmental sustainability and net-zero continue to expand, along with evolving security and privacy requirements.

Our capabilities in Earth observation, satellite communications, satellite navigation, satellite operations, space applications and space cybersecurity include data processing and exploitation, robotics, command and control, on-board software, modeling and simulations, ground segment engineering, and situational awareness.