We met with 136 retail banking executives to understand their top priorities and how they are preparing for and adapting to key trends shaping their organizations. This year, executives are prioritizing:

  • Profitability and business growth
  • Business optimization
  • Improved customer experience
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Retail banks seek to curb spending more than other banking sectors

plan to sustain or increase their OpEx budgets
plan to sustain or increase their CapEx budgets
on average are accelerating application modernization


  • Technology and digital acceleration remains the top macro trend
    82% say technology and digital acceleration is the most impactful trend (-4pp YoY)
  • Retail banks exceed other industries in producing digital results
    58% are producing results from their digital strategies (vs 34% for all industries)
  • Traditional AI usage is up, and most retail banks are exploring GenAI
    35% have implemented or are implementing traditional AI, with 86% exploring GenAI


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Organizations generating expected results from their digitization strategies—the digital leaders—share common attributes that enable them to accelerate outcomes compared to others.* For example, in retail banking, digital leaders:

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Extend digital strategies to their external ecosystem


vs. others*

Retail banking digital attribute 2

Cite legacy systems as a significant challenge


vs. others*

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Produce results from data privacy and protection strategies


vs. others*

* those building or launching digitization strategies
pp = percentage points


Modernize retail banking legacy infrastructure to improve agility and reduce costs.


Drive retail banking innovation and agility to adapt to new opportunities quickly.


Become more data-driven, harness AI and generate insights to improve retail banking efficiency and customer outcomes.


Accelerate digitization and personalization to improve customer acquisition and retention customer retention in retail banking.


Secure your retail banking data and infrastructures to maximize resiliency and trust.


Bake-in ESG data enablement and reporting to track and prove sustainability targets.

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