Smart ground segments make the difference

The technical design and architecture of ground segments are fundamental to ensure and optimize the scientific achievements and economic success of every space mission – from the initial planning until the end of a mission’s life-time. These include:

  • Mission-critical tasks and functionalities long before the launch of the first space assets
  • Advanced test and simulation technologies enabling optimal preparation of planned events and emergency measures in orbit
  • Data Services such as high-performance computing powered processing, or dissemination and archiving of mission data
  • Communication between complex and distributed system infrastructures
  • Long-time operations including continuous development and enhancement of the operational infrastructure without disrupting daily operations
  • Highly skilled experts supporting systems operations


CGI has more than 40 years of experience in consulting and system integration for Earth observation, navigation, satellite monitoring and control, the ground segment, flight dynamics, and data processing.

  • Full ground segment infrastructures and sub-systems in national and international space programmes including Galileo, EGNOS, Meteosat, ISS, MERLIN, Heinrich Hertz.
  • Our highly-qualified experts secure the success of space missions on-site in all main German and European operational ground segments.
  • Applications and downstream services enable the usability of space-derived data and information and generate added-value products
  • Advanced security solutions and mechanisms for space mission infrastructures and data services.
  • CGI delivers systems that produce weather satellite images and data for Europe, Africa, East Asia, Australasia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans, covering a population of over 3 billion people


Customized solutions

Our focus is on customer-oriented solutions, in which innovation and new technologies are applied, for example automation of operations for satellite constellations, data processing with artificial intelligence, and modern cloud solutions for software-as-a-service or cybersecurity.



Pleniter® is a unique and highly integrated software suite for the planning, implementation and operation of complete satellite missions.



2met!® is a multi-mission concept for real-time data acquisition, processing, visualisation and distribution of meteorological satellite data. It is a commercial off-the-shelf solution, based on standard hardware and software. 

Employees who analyze satellite network data

Unified Communication Service Manager

CGI has developed the Unified Communication Services Manager (UCSM). This is an easy-to-use Internet booking platform that brings together providers and users of SatCom products and services.

A whirlwind seen from space

For more solutions in the areas of navigation, earth observation, satellite control, ground control systems and Big Data, see our brochures: 


Reliable positioning

Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) is a CGI solution for validating the geographic position of both people and goods. Using secure signals from Galileo, Europe’s satellite navigation system, S-TrackS delivers accurate Galileo-generated positioning that not only serves as proof of the positioning of people and goods, but also helps to prevent fraudulent positioning..

Download S-TrackS


Avoiding collisions in Earth orbit

Determining whether a satellite needs to change course in order to prevent a possible collision means taking various factors into account. PREEMPT visualizes potential collision events, creating a superb basis for decision-making.

Download Preempt


Highly updated maps

Transforming near-live satellite images into  detailed up-to-date road maps using SAT2MAP ensures reliable ground mapping and navigation..

Download Sat2Map

HummingBird Pro

Cost-reduced satellite operation

Improved efficiency for satellite operations with HummingBird Pro – an e nd-to-e nd monitoring and control system.

Download HummingBird Pro


billion people have benefitted from CGI systems producing weather information and data
lines of code and 100 products integrated for one client project
satellite missions supported by CGI software
  • Close and partnership-based cooperation with satellite operators, space system companies, space agencies, governments, non-space organizations and users.

  • Digital transformation and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies like AI, Big Data, 5G, cloud services, and  automation in satellite operations, for ground infrastructure and space applications.

  • More than 40 years of experience in the space sector and as one of the largest system integration and business consulting service companies in the world with 76.000 Members.

  • Utilise our vast experience from other industry sectors and apply them to the challenges within the space sector