By Tina Meadows

Tina Meadows

It’s not uncommon for clients to compare their own priorities and investments within their local market context. One of the valuable roles our Voice of Our Clients (VOC) data plays is bringing global insights into those comparative conversations, and highlighting important trends or opportunities that may not be readily apparent.

Especially within the space industry, the VOC data helps clients look beyond their immediate peers to examine global insights that highlight different ways of thinking. For example, organizations in the U.S. might be at different points within their digital transformation journeys than those in Europe, but they can use the VOC data to gain insights they can act on about cloud strategy, as an example.

VOC data help them consider: “What global perspectives could inform my current and emerging plans?” and “How does the priority (and spend) of my strategic initiatives look compared to companies globally in the same industry?”

Benchmarking industry priorities

During our VOC interviews, we seek to understand clients’ top investment areas and priorities for the upcoming year. At times, a client will be quite interested when the consolidated results come back and their top selections are not the prevailing ones. This presents an opportunity to reflect on whether or not they should also be exploring the prevailing topics.

Sometimes, this can be a very powerful comparison. It may point to the fact that the client is ahead of the curve. The important thing is to help clients identify discrepancies, and determine where they sit within the market and within their own transformation journey. It allows clients to take a step back and consider different views of the same landscape.

Another valuable application of the VOC data is when a client compares their answers today to their answers from previous years. This not only enables them to see their journey mapped over time, but also presents a data-based representation of their corporate lifecycle. Additionally, the year-on-year VOC data helps us to see the life cycle of the industry, such as how trends and business priorities evolve over time.

Having insights-based conversations

Clients love that the VOC enables consultative conversations, delivering data and value for their current needs and outlook. Having these discussions is a wonderful information exchange focused on painting an accurate portrait of the landscape today, without attribution. The result is a robust snapshot of the industry, the trends within it and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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