Space and intelligence operations present overlapping and interdependent activities. Signals travel from satellites ringing the Earth to vehicles, bases and individuals on the ground, providing communications, navigation and surveillance. These missions demand rigorous data integrity and reliability.

woman in space mission control center

Data integrity is a top priority, especially in national security. As the national security space architecture transitions to a fully digital, hybrid architecture, public-private partnerships will be a key element of success. In such a hybrid architecture, interoperability between systems and technologies contributes to high-quality, high-speed delivery of work. Moreover, private sector innovations can help liberate and protect federal assets, such as data, to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.

Federal civilian agencies also play active roles in space, on missions of science and exploration. Private-sector businesses own many of the satellites now in orbit, and are working toward providing space travel for passengers.

CGI embarked on its first space project in 1974, and we have been active in the sector ever since, across our global and U.S. presence. We’ve worked to increase the value of clients’ space investment while combatting ever-growing security threats to space assets and information.

Recent CGI Federal milestones

2021:  Data Transformation of Foundational Military Intelligence (DTMI)--Mission-critical data transformation will evolve the way that DIA processes its intelligence, military and infrastructure data, providing its analysts with optimized data to evaluate, document and integrate the agency’s Foundational Military Intelligence (FMI).

2021: GSA chose CGI as a prime contractor on its ASTRO Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract. This 10-year award for space operations provides CGI the opportunity to compete for task orders with an unlimited ceiling value to research, develop, support, maintain and operate manned, unmanned and optionally manned platforms and robotics, such as satellites, launch vehicles and related services.

Satellites ring the Earth gathering intelligence data

Our mission-critical services


  • We help ensure navigation systems are secure and reliable
  • We provide network, service and business management systems to military and civilian satellite operators
  • CGI’s SecureDataFabric provides a key component of Space Traffic Management, keeping orbiting objects on course
  • As specialists in image processing and geospatial data we turn Earth observation data into trustworthy actionable information.  CGI GeoData360 solves common technical challenges for those aiming to exploit these new opportunities.
  • We support robotics and autonomy for international space exploration programs to help scientists access unprecedented levels of data.
  • Our simulators model spacecraft missions to support mission operations, preparation, validation and training.