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Sean Connell, CGI Federal
Sean Connell

ESP? You read my mind. (Enterprise Skills Program)

August 9, 2022 CGI's Enterprise Skills Program (ESP) is modeled after university capstone programs and designed to integrate mid-career professionals into the company's culture and business priorities.

John George professional photo
John P. George

Creating a vision for a healthier population

August 3, 2022 Building over several years, many organizations’ programs are dedicated to serving consumers equally - addressing gender, income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, and more in their care and follow-up. Organizations are not only establishing a health equity vision but putting...

CGI Federal's Digital Forensics Lab has been awarded the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025 forensic accreditation by the American National Standards Institute’s National Accreditation Board.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has awarded CGI Federal a position on the FCC Agile Development Support Services (ADSS) multiple award, Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract.

Sarah Benson, CGI Federal
Sarah Benson

Improving federal AI with self-supervised learning

July 20, 2022 Traditional machine learning demands large volumes of labeled data to train the AI. Self-supervised learning offers a less labor-intensive approach.

Suren Vardhineedi professional photo
Suren Vardhineedi

Democratizing data for human and machine consumption

July 18, 2022 Data is one of the most important assets in today’s knowledge economy, and most organizations would agree that unlocking the value of their data paves the way for better, smarter and faster business decisions — driving a critical competitive advantage...